Shipping Policy

Shipping Charges

Shipping is free on all orders.


To combat very frequent orders, which waste resources and cause unnecessary polution, free deliveries are limited to once every 10 days.

If you place frequent orders, consider ordering multiple quantities in a single order. 

Every subsequent order after the first in a 10-day period would be subject to Rs. 500 shipping charges. 

These charges will be applied when we confirm your order.

Delivery Times

Orders are dispatched from our end every working day; cut-off time is usually 4PM, 2PM on Saturdays, and earlier in Ramzan.

Deliveries are completed in up to 2 working days in cities in clear weather; longer depending on local situations.

Remote areas can expect up to 5 working days for deliveries. 

Private packaging

All orders are packaged in such a way that nobody can see or tell what is inside the package. The product or the company is not described on the packaging or the courier slip. The rider delivering the package has no way of knowing what is inside.

Multi-layered protection: The outermost layer is the courier-branded large envelope, inside is a bubble-wrap lined envelope, and finally another brown envelope for additional protection.


If a package is returned for any unreasonable reason, especially if it's your first order with us, another package will not be dispatched.