Return Policy

..for Medicines, Tablets, etc

We don't accept returns of medicines. Primary reason for that is to guarantee thee efficacy of our products.

When medicines are repeatedly exposed to the elements (heat, sunlight, variations in temperature, etc), they slowly lose their efficacy.

We try our very best to limit the exposure of our products throughout the process (from import, to getting it to you) so that they are at their best.

If we accept returns of these products, that doubles their exposure to the elements as the couriers need to bring it back to our warehouse. We can not, in good conscience, ship those items again to another customer when there is a chance that the product may be compromised. 

However, with all of that being said, IF the reason for you requesting a return is a mistake on our part, we will do anything we can to rectify the problem. We can also refund the complete amount you paid, if the reason for the request justifies it. 

The specifics of this policy vary on a case by case basis, but rest assured, we will not a penny of your money go to waste.

..for toys, non-consumables

Everything else is covered by our no-frills, no questions asked, return policy. Depending on your city, we will arrange a return box, and depending on the reason for the return, offer you a full refund minus initial shipping costs.