About us

Our Past

Born out of necessity, driven for the pursuit of excellence.

PinkPk was Pakistan's first online adult store, formed back in 2014. We garnered a lot of mainstream media attention within a few months, so had to shut it down for the sake of our and our clients' security and privacy. When we shut PinkPk down, we destroyed all customer and order records as well.

We have been working with very limited clientele since then, and in 2019 we decided it's time to bring PinkPk back in the light.

Things have changed since 2014; import of many products we originally had is near-impossible now. But we are constantly trying.

Our Present

We are not purely an "adult store" anymore. We have evolved to cater to the needs of a wider range of clientele.

But even with this evolution, our mission has stayed the same: to provide safe & original products which are not easy to come by in Pakistan.

Just like 7 years ago, local markets are riddled with dangerous counterfeits and misinformation when it comes to these products. We are here to combat that.

These are medical necessities; and we believe should be available as such. Our values:

  • Top quality products, and the truth where it isn't the case.
  • Absolute transparency.
  • Privacy and protection for our customers.

The Future

Until things improve and these products are available in Pakistan legally, we are here to stay. 

The authorities will most definitely try to usurp our efforts, like always. Their only course of action is to block the website. If that happens, please use a VPN or Tor to visit us. 

We will not give up.